oblong coffee table - white oak

oblong coffee table - white oak

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W 46 x D 20 x 14 (as shown)

W 46 x D 20 x 20

W 54 x D 24 x 16

W 54 x D 24 x 24

Inspiration move me lightly, this coffee table is everything right with the Petalply  system proving that structural improvements can be sexy as hell.   Now this is a curious creation, with its structural spine running between openings in the top.  This coffee table is the little nephew of the oblong dinning table, they both took wood tectonics to a new place making it hard to decide which is better, its structure or it sculptural qualities?  The openings allow light and space to move through the piece, making the             experience very sculptural while never neglecting function.  The use of solidis the key to its honesty, perfect place to serve those nachos and dip, or sushi if that’s whats on offer.

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