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karma friendly furniture


fighting grandchildren


Heirloom quality means solid wood components made with artisanal joinery that can always be made brand new. Shouldn't you own furniture your grandchildren will fight for?



new new breed


two friends one dream


It all started when...

in 1990, an old Italian master builder was breaking in his new hire, a nineteen year old college student.  In the same week, Leonardo’s son left a promising job with one of Chicago’s best architectural firms to join the family business.  That day John Lindsay and Alessandro Paradiso became fast friends and even quicker co-workers.  For the next twenty years they maintained a loose mentorship.  Alex fed a hungry John his vast design library.  Pursuing a life as a fine woodworker, John shared his developing woodworking facilities where Alex continued his grandfather’s and father’s dedication to craft, when in 2010, they joined forces to become co-designers of a new breed of furniture.

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instagram : @newbreedfurniture