108" x 60" work/ping pong table

108" x 60" work/ping pong table


W 60 x L 108 x H 29

Originally designed for DLR Architects at 300 West Wacker Drive in Chicago IL.  New Breed collaborated with DLR to develop a dual purpose work table where plans could be laid out, models could be constructed, but could also be converted into a competition ping pong table with a removable net.  By moving the legs more into the center, allowing for leg space for seating on all four sides, this table is the ultimate place for work and play.  Speaking of legs, this design doubles each pair of legs for strength and a unique take on the PetalPly Series.

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PetalPly -

pong sub-series

a variation

The original petal-ply super structure approach, found in sub-series two, has all independent parts (petals) such as separate legs, and usually an arm making up a three layer ply rotating around a dowel that serves as a trestle like stretcher and a super strong mortise and tenon joint.  The Pong sub-series combines legs with a half lap joint, and extends the arm in both directions from the central dowel/stretcher.  However, rather than two horizontal members sandwiching a leg, here we have two horizontal members shuffling two legs, beefing up the strength of the long legs while adding a new visual feature.  This table features the longest cantilever in our collection, making it one of the most dramatic designs we offer.

dual purpose design

The original Pong product, which gave the sub-series its name, started as a challenge, to design a dual purpose conference/work table and a ping pong table all in one, with a removable net.  To do this the legs were moved toward the center to allow for seating on all four sides.  Also, the dowel extends out past the legs to fit into outer arms that have extra ribbing for cantilevering support.  The removable net is customized with half inch solid wood sandwiched on both sides to help the clips meld into the larger form.  In minutes the owner can go from work to play, and back again.

combining paint and clear finish

Our use of veneer core plywood (never mdf or mdf core plywood) is a best practice here, being that we pride ourselves on specializing on heirloom quality.  Sometimes rules are meant to be broken.  For this application, the veneer plywood works best for long spans, painted finishes, and lowered costs.  Combining an off white pigmented polyurethane with the clear American black walnut makes these tables unique in our collection.  The color used can be made to match any color palette for any room.  Solid walnut is inlayed and taped off for the center line necessary for doubles.