w 92” x h 61” undulas shelving

w 92” x h 61” undulas shelving

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W 92 x H 61 H 14

Undulas was directly inspired by the work of Alvar Aalto, the Finnish heroic modernist from the 1920’s.  This system has a graceful undulating facade, with a very symmetrical fourteen inch by fourteen inch grid, with an asymmetrical component section smack dab in the center of the whole unit.  Originally designed for both a repeat customer and friend Blair Cooke, owner of Alchemy Personal Coffee Roasting in Wilmette Illinois.  John Lindsay first designed Blairs store years before the advent of New Breed.  This project originally included an undulating menu board that never got built due to budget restraints.  Ten years later, Blair requested a custom storage solution for his vast music collection, made up of mostly vinyl records, but also including a reel to reel player.  Undulas is a great way to add some architectural sculpture to any room while answering the storage needs for any family or business.  Form defined by function with definite fashion.

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undulas sub-series  

undulating wall mounted shelving

Combining a simple storage grid made of fourteen inch by fourteen inch units, perfect for vinyl record storage, with asymmetrical stereo component storage in the center, and finally a waving or undulating facade.  Undulas is both a practical and highly sculptural system.  Like the Sub-Series Two cabinets, all the parts are made of half inch material, with one inch half round solid wood edging that is registered into the panel edges with a dado spline method.

dowel/screw knockdown shelving

The horizontal panels are pre-drilled for both quarter inch registering dowels and pilot holes for inch and a half screws, which makes assembly hassle free.  Larger assemblies are delivered in sub-assembly sections that fit together with the half round front edging expertly copped.  Undulas was designed with the cost savings and logistics in mind.  Both light weight and easy to assemble is the experience to expect.  

offered in all kinds of sections

By starting with a full wall design, one hundred and thirty-six inches wide by ninety-one inches tall, subsequent products are available by cropping different sections from the original form.  This universalizes the production process, lowering costs.  Having numerous options lets buyers choose the right sized unit for their specific needs.  Also, separate sections can be acquired at different times to allow buyers to accumulate larger assemblies over time.