counter stool - white oak

counter stool - white oak


W 16 x D 17 1/2 x 32 1/2

These stools went through multiple iterations before finding their final form.  Engineered to defy gravity, putting the Petalply joint to the test.  Made for New Breed’s first gallery showing at Post 27 in Chicago.  These stools use their structural dowel as a foot rest, comfortably restful to sit in,  celebrating the natural beauty of solid white oak.   Wouldn’t it be nice to try something different from the typical stool, and sit on a structure that zig zags your weight down to the ground?

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PetalPly - 

sub-series one (tables and a chair)

knuckle joint as sculptural structure 

New Breed has been  developing a complete line of furniture, including chairs, stools, benches, side tables, coffee tables, dining tables, conference tables, desks, dressers, credenzas, consoles, shelving systems and more all based on one innovation, the PetalPly knuckle joint.  Structural components such as legs, arms, and stretchers are shaped to have a smaller half round end that then tappers out into a larger half round with a doughnut like hole.  When combined and rotated around a structural dowel/tenon, the effect is amazingly strong while proving to be eye catching.  These shapes resemble the petal of a flower, and the layered glued components with alternating grain act like a muscular alpha plywood, thus “PetalPly”.

heirloom as a brand

With a woodworkers conviction, the aim of New Breed is to be known for more than quality, but also building products built to last, and when we say last, we mean for generations.   By working with mostly all solid wood in all our products, and going against the trend toward the phony veneer technologies, using all solid wood joinery, we build into each product the added value of heirloom longevity.  In theory, our furniture, unless destroyed by natural disaster, can be repaired and refinished endlessly, made like new for hundreds of years in the future.  Add to that, our designs are also timeless, and you get furniture future grandchildren will fight over.

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