100" kid a desk

100" kid a desk

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W 120 x D 25/30/35 x H 29

First commissioned for the offices of Presence Marketing in Barrington Il, designed to meet their various needs. This desk/conference table is a shape shifting marvel.  Starting with file cabinets that slide from left to right, allowing for six different potential configurations, options include a co-working double desk, or the ultimate executive desk.  Next, the leg assemblies can be unbolted and moved into different positions, or go as far as having one of the three assemblies removed all together, re-configuring the desk into a conference table.  Later, this initial four work station order was bested by an order for one hundred and seventy-six work stations for the progressive Eaton Hotel in Washington DC. Being made of all solid wood, made with heirloom quality craftsmanship, and with so many options to choose from, the Kid A double desk is a truly equitable investment.

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PetalPly -

kid A sub-series 

square edged tops

Developing sub-series one and two, working in interesting penetrations, was all about breaking from the norm.  Next for New Breed was to see if the PetalPly system could apply to more conventional tops.  Kid A sub-series explores rectilinear solid wood slabs with straight edges and a trestle type base that can support detachable file cabinets.  Here we get out of the way of the beauty of the wood tops and find expression in the base, with an upside down triangular connector that is sandwiched (ply) between two spreading legs.  Sometimes the legs are spread equally (see Kid A Conference Tables), and other times they shift asymmetrically (see Kid A Desk). The point of the second approach is to move the dowel/stretcher to one side to allow enough room for a cabinet to attach, making the table a desk.  These same tables can be put together in pairs to make a perfect conference table. 

nuts and bolts

Again, developing sub-series one and two, working with all solid wood and solid wood joinery, was all about making heirloom a feature.  The idea is that if everything is made of solid wood, each piece can be endlessly refinished, meaning that each piece can be made brand new anytime.  This goal steered us away from the use of veneers, hidden substrates, and mechanical fasteners.  Next, we wanted to see if heirloom could benefit by the use of mechanical fasteners, controlling for wood movement while also doing the work of holding flat tops by using long bolts, washers, and nuts made to go through the upside down triangulated connectors, and metal strapping dadoed into the tops.  This mechanical solution allows for both seasonal movement of the wood tops, while offering the option to move the leg assemblies to a number of different positions.  This option allows for a number of configurations for both desk and conference table applications.

Kid A cabinets, privacy panels and other accessories

Developing the cabinets for all of sub-series two, working with thin cabinet components, was all about suspended cabinets off super structures.  Next was the challenge of designing a cabinet that could be used independently, strong enough to support its own weight, and endure the pounding of a free standing cabinet.  These cabinets are multi-purpose objects, attachable to the long dowels, and made to slide left or right, allowing different seating configurations.  They can also be detached from the desk and used as a separate work top.  This desk was originally designed for commercial applications and included a family of accessories such as cork faced privacy panels, electrical grommets, attachable shelves and lighting elements.  Also, a mobile base for the cabinets is an optional.