46" two drawer chest of drawers

46" two drawer chest of drawers

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W 46 x D 22 1/2 x H 24

Before John was born, his mother, with a group of friends, owned a local antique store called the Rusty Hinge.  He has no memories of the store, but was surrounded by the unsold inventory which served as an early influence.  Drawers are 

displayed in suspended cabinets under surfaces that serve as super structures.  First built for two lovely people who live in Wilmette Il, John’s Father’s hometown.  This chest of drawers provides both storage and display area that exhibits the natural beauty of the wood.   Perfect for your favorite clothes, this chest of drawers could be one of your most used possessions

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PetalPly -

sub-series two (case-goods and desks)

superstructures and suspended storage

After the initial group of products consisting of a chair and a variety of tables were created, John Lindsay taped into his nearly two decades experience with custom cabinetry and millwork, and hit the ground running with sub-series two (casework).  The initial product was a desk that established the language for the rest of the sub-series.  The main innovation was with the relationship between the super structure, the legs and arms tied together with a continuous dowel that served both a structural stretcher and a three way through tenon.  With tops made of 1inch solid material, this with the super structure offers the needed strength to hold in suspension thin skinned cabinetry.

drawer box and cabinets universalized

Next, was the decision to have the cabinets share the exact same parts and construction methods as the drawer boxes, using half inch solid material everywhere with tongue and groove joinery.  This universalization of the parts allows for dedicated machines ready to handle any demand, greatly simplifying the process of component part manufacturing.  The cabinet edges have one inch half round face-frames with coped joints that visually match the tops, while leaving the necessary inside space for concealed hardware. This is needed for the handles to also serve as running slides running on concealed cleats.

handles turning into slides

The final touch, the jewelry of the whole ensemble is the inventive handle that runs horizontally, wrapping along the sides doing double duty as the slides.  These three eight inch dowels dado into a eighth inch aluminum bar which is then dadoed into the drawer face and sides.  Speaking the same language as the larger structural dowel toward the back and the one inch half round edging, this elegant solution can be used in multiple handle configurations, and becomes another signature feature in the PetalPly vernacular.

The same aluminum flat stock that is used in the handles/slides is also placed into the lower file drawer as file hangers.  Expressing the horizontal with both the super structure’s two inch dowel and the continuous handles is a Mid-west tradition.