care instructions



New Breed Furniture is designed and manufactured to last for generations. To ensure the greatest possible enjoyment from your furniture and the longest lifespan, it is important that it is properly looked after. When solid wood furniture is correctly maintained and exposed to daylight, over the years the wood will acquire a beautiful patina. As wood is a living natural product, color variations and knots as well as lines in the finished furniture may occur.

Solid wood is a living material that is affected by daylight, temperature and humidity. The ideal relative humidity for solid wood tables is between 30% and 60%. 

Solid wood furniture should not be placed too close to heat sources such as wood-burning stoves or radiators. 

Solid wood is also affected and dried by direct sunlight. Both factors contribute to very low relative humidity which may cause cracks and should therefore be avoided. As daylight matures the wood, please keep in mind that permanently placed items on solid wood, such as vases and candlesticks can cause undesirable color differences which will subsequently be difficult to remove.


Regularly maintaining lacquered surfaces is easy and straightforward. For everyday cleaning, wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth wrung out with clean lukewarm water. As the lacquer seals the surface of the wood, the furniture will not be affected by daylight as soap or oil-treated furniture.

However, the furniture will still darken with time, and we recommend that you exercise care when positioning dishes, candlesticks, etc. on the surface. 

We advise against the use of cleaning agents or other forms of chemicals on the wood.