new breed bucks

    NB Bucks is our guerrilla marketing strategy to trade things we make for stuff we need.  Call it what you like, bartering, pay to play, shameless promotion, smart incentivizing, or the democratization of craft.  What ever you call it, we are now ready to offer real pieces of fine furniture for your participation.

So this is how it works, there are five ways to earn NB Bucks:


bucks for comps

We are always in search of products that compare to ours, and so we are ready to offer N$B20 (that’s twenty NB Bucks if you didn’t get it) for every solid hardwood product that is comparable to anything in our catalog.  Just send any links to, and if we feel its legit, bang!

bucks for sales

This is where the big NB Bucks can be earned.  Any lead on projects or customers that might be in the market for our work earns you 2.5% of sales.  Any actual orders made thanks to your real sales effort earns you 5% of sales.  Commissions can be split in the case of teams with-in a firm.

bucks for pics

Land us some sweet professional location photography, and you can see yourself enjoying a serious payday.  Professional photography is so important to what we do, we place a high premium on its acquisition.  So for photography like you’ll find on our website under spaces you can earn N$B400 per pic.

services for bucks

We are looking for help with a wide range of needed departments (administration, marketing, operations, and research and development or you could call it design).  These services will need to be first defined and individually negotiated.  The best place to start is to call or email and start the conversation.  

build for bucks

This is our most beloved of bartering strategies.  New Breed Furniture’s main future goal is to establish convenient urban spaces that blur the line between retail and manufacturing by allowing selected individuals to join us in filling our orders by assembling and finishing our products.  This type of engagement will hopefully help develop a deep appreciation for  the quality and creativity that goes into our work.  Finally, we hope to lead a Maker’s Revolution in America blending the roles of consumer and producer.