early buzz

With out any advertising budget, industry experience, or P.R. guidance the founder's of New Breed found themselves time and time again featured in articles, blogs, HGTV shows, and even music videos.  This was incredibly encouraging offering renewed hope that they were on the right path.



John and Alex's first real publicity opportunity presented itself with a tight deadline, the art director requested these three pieces, in these three colors, in a little more than three days.  With a do or die attitude the duo performed the work of many men and made it to the scheduled photo shoot in the knick of time.



Another fortunate opportunity happened when celebrity designer Vern Yip came into Chicago with camera crew in toe and shopped for the Urban Oasis Giveaway that drew thousands of contestants and viewers.  After stepping into Post 27, New Breed's new home, Mr Yip feel in love with their signature walnut coffee table.  The week the HGTV shows aired, orders from all around the country poured in beginning New Breed's national reach. 



There's nothing better than to be recognized by your industry.  This article jump started an ongoing relationship between the editor Bill Eisler and John Lindsay.  John has found a home at Woodworking Network Magazine becoming a contributing writer.  After this first article, John was given a press pass to cover NeoCon, Chicago's largest design show, with the help of his twelve year old daughter as photographer.  John has been asked to be a guest speaker at Woodworking Network Magazine events, and in 2016 he was named one of the top woodworkers in America in a Forty Under Forty article.



Finally, like a right of passage, Luxe Interiors & Design sent their professional photographer out to the New Breed shop to showcase the newest batch of furniture that had been developed, including credenzas, consoles, and dressers.  Along with being featured in Chicago's premiere design magazine, they were invited to some swanky shin digs that got them out of their dusty environs, and gave them opportunity to rub elbows with other top Chicago designers.